List of products by brand Nicolas Cancelier

Painter and fan of the world of motor sports, Nicolas Cancelier creates paintings representing races, drivers and racing cars.

Born into a family of artists, with a neighbour who was a mechanic and friends who were car sport enthusiasts, this was the environment in which Nicolas Cancelier grew up. This was all it took for his passion for racing cars and design to be born. From that moment on, all pretexts were good to approach the world of motor sports. But it is by passing through the decoration of helmets and motorcycles that Nicolas traced his road to the field of automotive art. Nicolas then quickly abandoned the "airbrushes" to take back the traditional pencils and brushes to pursue his path. Nicolas now uses mainly oil paint, watercolor and dry pastel. Nicolas has a particular interest in motorsports from the 50's, 60's and 70's. We present originals and reproductions.


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