For a decoration on the theme of vintage cars and sports cars, discover a large choice of original paintings and reproductions of paintings by Nicolas Cancelier, Christopher Dugan or François Bruère. Posters, photos, postcards, mugs and cups, metal or enamelled plates or even customised tarpaulins to decorate your interior in an automotive atmosphere.


  • Decoration circuits
  • Automotive silkscreen...

    "Arbre à Cames" offers you a collection of unique and numbered serigraphs. The author is a great car enthusiast, he wishes to make us live his passion through his works. Each image invites us to dream and feel the smell of tires, grease and speed.

    Silk-screen printing is a technique of art edition. Layer by layer, color by color, the manual passages of the tools deposit the ink on the paper.

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  • Lamps
  • Reproductions

    Discover numbered reproductions of the artists we have selected for you Nicolas Cancelier, a painter who pays tribute to the automotive world through his paintings. Superb reproductions of paintings of cars, races and drivers for the decoration of your interior. Christopher Dugan, English painter passionate about cars and aviation. François Bruère, official painter of the 24H du Mans since 1996. Bernard Reeves, English artist whose works are in the retro style.

  • Posters

    Vintage sports car posters for your interior decoration. Many posters of all sizes available, representing the world of vintage cars, cars or mythical races.

  • Photos

    Discover many pictures of vintage cars. Pictures and images for enthusiasts representing races, cars and drivers for decoration.

  • Postcards

    For decoration or to send to a loved one, many postcards representing the world of vintage cars. Beautiful postcards of races, sports cars or drivers.

  • Enamelled plates

    Shiny and solid enamel plates for your interior decoration. On the theme of motorsport and vintage cars, these enamel plates representing famous brands will please car enthusiasts.

  • Metal plates

    Solid metal plates for your interior decoration. On the theme of car sports and vintage cars, these metal plates representing famous brands will please car enthusiasts.

  • Thermometers

    Decorative thermometers from major motorsport brands. Discover Lotus, MG, Mini, Jaguar and many other thermometers.

  • Mugs and cups

    For enthusiasts, for decoration or practicality, a selection of mugs and cups on the theme of sports cars and vintage car brands.

  • Magnets
  • Nord Custom" recycled...

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