Arpiem watches illustrate the mechanical world of the automobile during the 60s and 70s. With their vintage and racing styles, their different models and colours, you are bound to find the jewel that will enhance your wrist. 


  • Watches "Ride & Drive"

    The new jewel of the ARPIEM brand. The Ride & Drive collection is for all drivers. The ultimate "Driver's Watch". Thanks to the rotating dial, which can be shifted by 60°, you can still read the time intuitively while driving. You can keep the dial in the classic "12 o'clock" position (REST position), or shift it by 60° (DRIVE position) to the "2 o'clock" position. A unique innovation. Each watch features a sign related to automotive history.

  • Automatic Watches

    Like its predecessor, the RACEMATIC watches from ARPIEM are inspired by the golden age of the automobile. There is one difference, however: the mechanism. This model is driven by an automatic movement. On each of them, you will find new details hidden on mythical personalities of the motor sport.

  • Chrono Watches

    The CHRONO watches are the very first models published by the ARPIEM brand. Each of them is dedicated to one or more drivers who marked the automobile world of the 60s and 70s. The references are written directly on the dial but also thanks to the colours used. We will note a watch signed by Jacques Laffite.

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