From pilots' shoes to pilots' gloves, including leather jackets, 100% cotton vintage car t-shirts, wool scarves, and Google aviator glasses: men, women and even children will find here all the clothing and accessories for sports car pilots, or vintage cars.


  • Jackets & blazers

    Until June 13th, for every purchase of a GULF leather jacket, get a GULF Vintage t-shirt FREE!

    Don't forget to add the product to your basket with the desired size and enter the code "VINTAGE".

  • Driving shoes

    In high quality leather and with comfortable 100% rubber soles, discover a selection of Grand Prix Original (GPO) shoes for women and men, in indigo, beige, blue, red, black, etc.

  • Automotive Socks

    Find at 1923Autos, a collection of pairs of automotive socks from the French brand "La Jauge Auto"!

  • Polo shirts

    For women and men, quality polo shirts, available in various colours: orange, blue, white, purple, black, olive, grey. A multitude of polo shirts for both retro and sporty styles. Find our flagship brands: GULF, MG, WARSON, DRIVER'S CLUB, 24H LE MANS...

  • T-shirts

    On the theme of motorsport, men's and women's t-shirts in many styles and colours. In round or V-neck, in blue, beige, red, grey or white, all the t-shirts offered are of quality and 100% cotton.

  • Shirts

    Women's blouses and long-sleeved shirts for men and children made from quality cotton. Whether check or stripe, blue, white, grey or mauve, there are shirts for every style.

  • Sweatshirts and Sweaters
  • Driving Gloves

    Driving gloves and driver's mittens for men who love motorsports and vintage cars. Leather and cotton crochet in many colours (black, brown, red, green, chocolate, tobacco...), for men who want to look good at the wheel.

  • Caps, Helmets, Hats

    From women's hats to men's racing caps, helmets and headbands, you will find quality suede, tweed, waxed, cotton or leather headwear in our selection. Available in many colors (black, blue, beige, red, etc.), they will perfectly serve your look.

  • Aviator Glasses

    Discover the Aviator Goggle, driving glasses for motorsport and vintage car enthusiasts. Whether they have clear or slightly smoked lenses, men's glasses are an essential accessory for all drivers!

  • Clothing accessories

    A set of clothing accessories

  • Women and Children

    A great selection of clothes for women and children

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