T-shirts, drivers' shoes, driving gloves, caps or helmets... You will find on our website all the clothes and accessories related to the passion for cars. We reference many brands such as Gulf, Warson Motors, MG, Linea di Corsa, Acaba etc. Whether you are a seasoned driver, a vintage car collector or a simple enthusiast, 1923Autos has what you need 


  • Driving shoes

    A wide range of shoes dedicated to the motoring passion. GrandPrix Originals offers a wide range of colours. The shape and design are perfectly adapted to the pedals. Each shoe has a checkerboard on the heel. In another style, we have the brand Linea di Corsa. A 100% leather range inside and nubuck outside available in 3 colours, and another 100% leather pair. You will find the style that suits you.

  • Polo shirts

    For women and men, you can get quality polo shirts in different colours. The entire range is of course closely related to the automotive world. Put on a polo shirt in the colours of Gulf, or with the symbol of multiple drivers like Jo Siffert. There are no limits to our passion. Find our flagship brands: Gulf, MG, Warson Motors, Driver's Club Company, 24H Le Mans and many more!

  • T-shirts

    T-shirts with automotive symbols. For men and women, round neck or V-neck, we have several choices available. You can find several ranges on our website. Wear your t-shirt with the effigy of Gulf, MG or Porsche. You can also adopt a more sober style with La Jauge Auto which puts forward mythical cars embroidered on the chest.

  • Shirts

    Women's blouses and long-sleeved shirts for men and children made from quality cotton. Whether check or stripe, blue, white, grey or mauve, there are shirts for every style.

  • Sweatshirts and Sweaters

    Find on our website a range of jumpers and pullovers. The perfect products for mid-season or to slip under a jacket during the winter.

  • Jackets & blazers

    Find a wide range of jackets and coats on our website. If you are a fan of leather jackets with historical symbols such as Gulf, 24h of Le Mans or Steve Mcqueen style, you are at the right place. But that's not all, we also have jackets with or without sleeves that will accompany you every day.

  • Driving Gloves

    Driving gloves and driver's mittens for men who love motorsports and vintage cars. Leather and cotton crochet in many colours (black, brown, red, green, chocolate, tobacco...), for men who want to look good at the wheel.

  • Women and Children

    Explore our exclusive womenswear collection, inspired by the iconic GULF style and centred around the automobile. Discover stylish and sophisticated outfits that capture the essence of luxury and adventure, combining timeless elegance with the dynamic spirit of the open road. Browse our range to find unique pieces that reflect the fusion of fashion and motoring passion, for a look that celebrates both elegance and power. 

  • Gulf and Warson helmets

    On our website you can find a collection of Gulf and Warson Motors helmets. Quality products approved for the road. There is something for everyone: sober or more colourful, everyone will find a helmet that suits them.

  • Gulf, MG, Porsche caps...

    Gulf, MG, Porsche, find on our website a collection of caps of mythical brands of the automobile. Available in several colours, they will complete your look while showing your passion for cars.

  • Clothing accessories

    A set of clothing accessories


    Famous British sports car manufacturer, the MG brand sums up the spirit and beauty of British sports convertibles. Founded in 1924, its name is a tribute to Morris Garages, a dealer in the city of Oxford who also produced modified cars of the same brand. Its two most famous cars are the MGA, created in 1955, and the MGB, launched in 1962. Variations of these models such as the Midget and MGC were also produced to enrich the range. MG was inspired by the Austin-Healey to perpetuate the spirit of the sporty two-seater. A must-have brand for all lovers of beautiful cars.

  • Gift Card

    Find at 1923Autos, gift cards to please your loved ones.

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