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Protective cover, key ring, maintenance product, technical documentation... you can find on our website many accessories related to the world of vintage cars. 


  • Protective covers

    Whether it's an interior or exterior protective cover, or a car cover, you will find a whole range of different sizes. All materials are selected to meet your expectations and needs. Quality products that will protect your car in all circumstances.

  • Car clocks

    At 1923Autos, discover a collection of car clocks made from a real F1 disc!

  • Automotive lamps

    Explore our collection of decorative lamps inspired by the world of motor racing. Dynamic, elegant designs that illuminate your home with style and passion. Discover unique lamps that reflect the aesthetics and performance of racing cars, for a resolutely sporting atmosphere in your home.

    Find out more about KUI?

  • Silhouettes Cars

    Discover at 1923Autos our collection of car decoration in the form of wall silhouettes to decorate your home, your garage or your office

  • Car Illustrations

    You can find posters related to motorsport on our website. Highlight mythical cars such as the Porsche 917 with unique and numbered silkscreen posters, or photos of Steve Mcqueen. Every enthusiast will find a place on a wall for one or more posters.

  • Miniature Bugatti...

    Each piece is handmade. All vehicles have a history that echoes the early days of the automobile world, whether the product is of the Jep, Alain Bouissou or Marmande make. Models of cult cars such as the Type 56 or the most successful car in the world: the Type 35.

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  • Miniature cars

    Miniature representations of the most famous sports cars and classic cars. Numerous models for experienced and novice model car collectors.

  • Books

    Books on the world of classic cars and motorsport to discover the great races, brands and legendary drivers. But also books and albums for children, books on exceptional cars and technical magazines on car maintenance.

  • Patches

    To decorate your interior or personalise your clothes, you can find on our website badges to embroider or stickers. Many brands are present such as Gulf, MG, Porsche, Ferrari, Renault, Michelin and many others to discover. 

  • Key ring

    Keyrings related to car passion are available on our website. You can find brands such as Gulf, Warson Motors, MG, Porsche or Ferrari. There are also key rings from the KIU brand, made of carbon from real racing cars. A QR code is displayed to find out which car the material comes from and its history.

  • Cleaning products

    For the care of your car, from a simple cleaning to a complete detailing, you will find on our website all the necessary products.  Shampoo, tyre cleaner, window cleaner, leather cleaner etc. you can give your car a second youth. All the products in the Cleanessence range have a name that is closely linked to the big names in the car world.

  • MG Technical...

    For MG car owners, we have various manuals on our website that have been translated into French so that you can learn all about cleaning and maintaining your car.

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