Collector's items for lovers of objects related to the world of vintage cars. Miniatures and scale models of cars, badges and pins, key rings or umbrellas of brands of motorsport for men.


  • MG Technical...

    All manuals are in black and colour laser print, printed on A4 or A5 / 80g paper, bound with a white 20/100 PVC cover.

    The cover page is made of 160g cardboard / colour / colour laser printed. All manuals in French version have been translated from official MG documents.

  • Key ring

    Many branded car key rings for motorsport enthusiasts. In metal or leather, link your keys to an elegant and practical accessory.

  • Toolkits

    To avoid losing your tools and keep them safe, store them in a quality tool kit made of leather, Nubuck leather or canvas. Toolkits for the automotive enthusiast.

  • Accessories

    Equip your classic car with a large choice of accessories. Protective equipment for the fenders, covers for the bodywork, insulation... But also decorative accessories such as bars and antique badges and safety accessories such as fire extinguishers.

  • Spare parts

    A large choice of spare parts for your classic cars

  • Cleaning products

    For the maintenance and cleaning of the body, windows, rims or any other part of your car, discover a wide selection of products and accessories of professional quality. Meguiar's, Kenotek or AutoGlym maintenance products for the care, beauty and longevity of your car.

  • Protective covers

    Our range includes car covers for indoor and outdoor use. The range includes different sizes to fit your car and different materials to meet your needs. All selected materials are soft and breathable, providing the best protection for your car. These materials are durable and the seams are reinforced to ensure the robustness of our interior or exterior car covers.

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